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Robocopy doesn't work as it's supposed to be, when I robocopy the folders/files of my drive to windows server 2008 because of business needs, I noticed some permissions did not copy and some copied and you are not sure why? Also it didn't copy the directories' timestamps, I followed some steps and applied some switches that were supposed to do the tasks but, it didn't.
I could not trust using robocopy on that file share and the decision ended up by searching for an alternative to robocopy and I found your tool. The reviews were positive.
My question is Do I did the right thing to come here ?


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Hi Sarah,
Welcome to the community, yes GS RichCopy 360 can copy all the Permissions and can copy the directories' timestamps.
Kindly check our Admin Guide for more info about the features of Gs Richcopy 360 Standard and Enterprise :
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- Alex
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