Long path name message while transfer data


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I need to make backups of some files on a network share. However, I need to transfer files that might be in use from the source server to a destination server. and while trying to execute my robocopy script, some of the files won't copy because the file path is too long. after searching and applying more than one solution via robocopy or windows capability, my problem still exists, is there a way to solve this problem via robocopy or via your software!


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Hi SebastianN95 ,
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GS RichCopy 360 supports long path names out of the box,You do not have to make any changes for it to work. If a job is running and we detect a long pathname, then we automatically adjust to support it.
We have many robocopy customers that came to us because of issues with long path names and they did not have any issues using GS RichCopy 360.

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really this problem always stands in front of me when transferring data, as our work depends on the organized files, where they must be transferred as they are without any modification in the path names, but you really rested my heart. it time to visit your site for purchasing , thanks