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    Permissions not applying

    Here is a screen shot. The left is the source. The right is the target. The Date has been changed since the copy.As we are using Azure file sync the date is important as it will Tier data to the cloud.
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    Permissions not applying

    We are migrating our data off a storage device and on to a Windows 2016 server. I have setup multiple jobs to copy single directories throughout the day however when i check the permissions on the folder they are not coming across. I have tried the job using the ROOT option and not using it...
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    Migration off NAS/SAN

    Good Morning, I was recommended your site from a colleague and I am very excited to see if this can work for us. We are in the process or decommissioning and old NAS storage system running CIFs. We are currently using Robocopy and using a Windows "jump host" to initiate the copy from the NAS to...