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    simple Isilon backup question

    here you are :) - Our Admin Guide - Also check the Features Compare -Trial version direct link Trial version we are in your service 24/7 - Alex
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    simple Isilon backup question

    Hi Diego.T.William, Welcome to the community, yes GS RichCopy 360 can copy all the kinds of permissions from Windows to the Isilon Storage. Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance. -Alex
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    Cannot find NAS for Destination in Wizard

    Hi RobertPeebles, Welcome to the community You can paste the path from windows explorer in the source field. Also to not check the box to run as a service as by default running as a service runs as local system which would not have access beyond local machine resources. If you want to run the...
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    Preserve permissions , timestamp and copy changes

    Hi Lucas_tegooo, Welcome to the community, yes GS RichCopy 360 can preserve all of the permissions, timestamps and can copy the changes only. These features all are available in GS RichCopy 360 Standard and Enterprise versions. Kindly check our Admin Guide for more info about the features of...
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    Hi Sarah, Welcome to the community, yes GS RichCopy 360 can copy all the Permissions and can copy the directories' timestamps. Kindly check our Admin Guide for more info about the features of Gs Richcopy 360 Standard and Enterprise : We are in your...
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    Custom Trial

    Hi, nweston, Welcome to the community Yes, we can give a custom trial so kindly reach out to the support for a full trial. For support (24/7): - Email: - Call : +17038689252 -Alex
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    Best practice for file server data migration to new server

    Hi Steven, Welcome to the community We would encourage the following as best practice. Copy changes only to be selected, if the destination is empty then it would copy everything. Then right before cutover, switch to mirror as mirror would remove files from destination that users deleted...
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    Link Jobs

    Hi DHayesJr, Welcome to the community and we are happy that you found you are looking for in our software. We are glad to receive your questions in the future. - Alex
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    Copying specific files

    Dear WesVanJr, Thank you for reaching out. My assumption is that you are using GSCopy or GSCopypro, if that is the case, then you could use this format /IF:ext1,.. :: Include files by mask. Supports * and ? wildcards Example: GSCOPYPRO c:\source c:\destination /copyall /if:tmp*.doc,log.log...
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    Robocopy Shared permissions

    You are welcome
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    Robocopy Shared permissions

    Hi Soni Banton Welcome to the community Yes, Gs Richcopy 360 can copy NTFS/Share permissions easily and without wasting any time. Gs Richcopy 360 has a feature called Byte Replicator which allows you to transfer just the changed data in a file when synchronizing, instead of the entire file...
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    Which version do I need?

    You are welcome - Alex
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    Which version do I need?

    Hi dnielsen Welcome to the community The standard version is enough but if we are talking about the version of the life that has all features that you will need in the future, the Enterprise version will be the best choice, Please check this comparison between the 2 versions We are glad to...
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    Permissions not applying

    In terms of permissions, you need to make sure the ACL option is selected for folders or folders and files. Selecting Root Folder ensures that the parent folder gets the NTFS permissions as well. Is the job completing without errors? Does the source NAS device currently have NTFS permissions...
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    Permissions not applying

    Hello rcopithorne, The date and time stamp of the folders will be applied and reflected with the right date when the job reaches 98% as this is when all the files are copied. Setting the dates on the folders prior to that would not work as once we copy files into them then the dates will change...
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    How many licenses do we need

    That is correct. You have the option to use the "Normal" copy which uses SMB. In that case, nothing needs to be installed on the destination. If you have millions of small files or copying across WAN connections, then you could explore the enterprise edition which offers another method to copy...
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    Copy open files

    Purchasing has done, Thanks for trusting us
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    Copy open files

    Hi LoriX Welcome to the community - Yes, Gs RIchcopy 360 can Copy open and locked files due to its full integration with Volume Shadow Service (VSS). - Both Standard and Enterprise version support copying open and locked files. - For more info, please check our Admin Guide...
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    Migration off NAS/SAN

    Hi rcopithorne Welcome to the community Good question. You do not need to install it on every source and destination. It is recommended you install it on the source if the source is "windows". This would give you the best performance and ability to copy open and locked files. However, if your...
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    Progress Queued

    Hi Flemming, Welcome to the community Kindly check if the jobs are running as a service, then make sure that the service for GS RichCopy 360 service is running. If the service is running, kindly email us to open a ticket and one of our support team would then reach out...