GS RichCopy 360 – Update Log

Version 7.1 (Standard) and 8.1 (Enterprise):

(1.1.8) 25th June 2014
1. Job Progress and Status will be saved to database only when it’s changed from last state.
2. Copying Time stamp error for copy drive to drive is fixed

(1.1.9) 25th July 2014
1. Detail screen will be updated more smoothly.
2. Logic for copying Encrypt and Compress attribute changed on folder. It was a bug on Windows 8.
3. Service user name under the RichCopy service is running (LogOn tab) is being mentioned in log file.
4. Job ETA will calculated more correctly.
5. Scheduled job for weekly and daily will have no issues now.

(1.1.11) 25th August 2014
1. Error Message made more user friendly.
2. Unable to create Service Account in first time. It was being created as normal Logged in account to be used for Impersonation on job screen.
3. File Securities, attributes, Timestamp are copied if only mismatch found, so it improve the performance.
4. Two Log Level (All and Error) is added to Job Configuration screen. Default is All.
5. File Compare Option TimeStamp/FileSize/Both is added to Job Configuration screen. Default is Both. This option will help to hint the app “how to detect file is changed?”.
6. RunOnce option will show default 10 minutes ahead from current time.

(1.1.12) 25th September 2014
1. Error summary is added to job history tab, only 1000 char will be saved in database.

(1.1.13) 25th October 2014
2. Log File will be populated with a flag if job was run in trial mode.
3. Local machine Time Zone information is saved in database
4. If user selects to run the GS RichCopy 360 service on windows account then it should always ask for credential. Now app don’t save credentials for service account for security purpose.
5. Data transfer rate is displayed on progress detailed screen.
6. Logs the file/folder deleted in mid of the copy job running.

(1.1.14) 25th November 2014
1. If source is not on local disk then locked file will be not copied using VSS. This message will be populated in Log file.
2. File/Folder exclusion/inclusion list is also copied when job is copied.

(1.1.15) 25th December 2014
1. Detects invalid characters in source, target path and log file path while saving the job.
2. Performance is improved for filtering of Exclusion/Inclusion in analysing the file/folder on source.

(1.1.16) 25th January 2015
1. DIR attributes, time stamp and security will be copied parallel.

(1.1.17) 25th February 2015
1. Analyzing source path for files/folder is more optimized in terms of memory.
2. Exclude System Volume Information and recycle bin for source discovering.
3. Job States, Warnings and Error will be displayed on Job History tab.
4. More information will be displayed in Mail and Job Progress screen.
5. Progress bar color changed Red,Green, Orange according to warnings and error encountered.

(1.1.18) 25th March 2015
1. Job Id and “Completed with warning” will be displayed in mail subject.
2. If someone try to use the application newer database schema with older application version then Error Message will be displayed on screen and written in Log file and event log. Application/Service will not start.
3. Copying locked file through VSS will be only attempted if target is not locked, it will increase performance.

(1.1.19) 25th April 2015
1. Show current activity as completed successfully/error/warning on progress details screen when copy job is over. If all file copied then show no file in lower section of progress details screen.
2. Log file will have timestamp in 24 hour format.
3. Total discovered directory, files and size is displayed in log before starting copying files or creating dirs.
4. CopyFileAttributes is done as file is copied. We are not caring about Archive flag.
5. File is deleted from source as file is copied to target in case of MOVE.
6. Deletion of a file in mid of copy job will be treated as skipped files.
7. Show start time in dd-MMM-yy HH:mm:ss in progress details screen.
8. Decreased the size of widget in progress detail screen, so 4 widget may appear in single row on progress detail screen.
9. Show actual copied file size on progress detail screen.
10. Folder Security (ACL) will be copied with multiple threads always.

(1.1.20) 25th May 2015
1. Handle long path error in copying security. Path should be less than 260 char and individual dir name must be less than 248 char.
2. New task will be created with ‘Run as manual’ setting in expert mode.‏
3. Removing empty folders from source after MOVE will be fast and reliable. It will remove only the folders those were moved to target.
4. App will run always configured number of threads for copying DIR sec,timestamp and attributes.
5. Show app version, trial version info, no of threads , copy option and copy flags on progress  detail screen.
6. Wild card support instead of regex for exclusion/inclusion.
7. VSS issues fixed for Windows server 2008 machines.
8. Changed the logic to check for existing directory.

(1.1.21)  25th June 2015
1. Cosmetic issue for ‘soure’ to ‘source’ is fixed in Job creation wizard.
2. MIRROR is made reliable and robust. If source machine is not available then files/folder from destination will be not removed.
3. UI has configurable option to stop the job if source/destination unreachable.
4. App will check for source/destination machine online in every 10 sec. If configured then job will be stopped.
5. App will check for destination out of scope when an error come in file copy. Job will be always terminated if target is out of space.
6. Errors are made more user friendly.
7. System Volume Information folder will be not analyzed.
8. If source/target machine goes down while file is being copied then the file will be listed in ‘Files not copied due to error’ list.
9. Event will be captured in log file as the service is started or stopped.‏ Application version will be mentioned in log file for service and UI.
10. Corrected the message if Job is terminated due to destination is running out of space.
11. No error should raise in kill task. Running job should be stopped smoothly from Stop button of UI.
12. Manually Running Job without recurrence will be stopped if job is modified to run on recurrence from UI. The job running on recurrence will be stopped as job configuration is modified from UI.
13. Long path folders were not being deleted in MIRROR/MOVE.
14. Warning message “Running Job will terminate’ will popup while job is being saved if it’s already running.
15. All files will be copied parallel on even threads. We use chunk size of 1 instead of 10.

(1.0.35)  Oct 15th 2015
1. Fix issue in realtime file copy. It was not working with default config settings.
2. Skip temporary files (filename strating with ~).
3. Ignore thumbs.db and desktop.ini files.

(1.0.36)  11th Nov 2015
1. Attempt multiple times if file is not being delete in RTA.

(1.0.37)  04th Dec 2015
1. Job will be not seem as hang if RTA is down in any case. it will reported as error.
2. Remove the read only attribute before copying file data in block copy.

(1.0.39)  19th Dec 2015
1. FolderDepth field is added in Import Job functionality
2. Folder ACL field issue fixed Import Job functionality
3. Job Serial will be visible in GSAPI for getjoblist. You can toggle to show JobSerial by config file using key “ShowJobSerial”.

(1.0.40)  07th Jan 2016
1. Command line version introduced.
2. Recurrence issue fixed with next day start time.
3. History grid and log file will have status of mail.
4. Fix the issue when mail was sending for success job complete and it was not supoose to sent mail for success.

(1.0.41)  25th Jan 2016
1. If no main command is passed in CLI then it raises some invalid message.
2. JobSerial duplicate was not being checked in CLI.
3. GSTAPI is introduced.
4. GSAPI is converted to interact with service.
5. Bulk Job Creation is open in trial mode.
6. Job Id will be visible in RTA screen.
7. Backup size must be in range of 1-99999 if Sync poison is selected on UI.
8. ResetClient has been added.

(1.0.42) 16th Mar 2016
1. Environment variable support in Source/Destination,Inc/Exc,Log File,Mail Address,RTA destination and backup path. This will be available in all API’s and UI’s.
2. User can select multiple folders for Inc/Exc at single time.
3. Sync Poisoning Service was not working in non debug mode.
4. Application last position and column size is also preserved.