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  • GS RichCopy 360 Folder Copying Suite is widely used in several fortune 500 companies in the United States and more than 10,000 customers worldwide. It has been viewed as the most robust copying software due to its unique pure multithreaded technol..

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  • GSCopyPro is a single command-line tool (CLI) that can copy, replicate and move files from one folder to another. This folder can be on the same machine/ server or another server elsewhere. What makes GSCopyPro stand out from other competitors is ..

    Price $49.99
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Welcome to GuruSquad

At GuruSquad, we don’t look at ourselves as a software driven company.  We look at ourselves as a user driven company.  Our end goal is not to create software.  Our end goal is to solve problems, problems that users constantly experience, problems that other application companies have chosen to ignore.  This philosophy creates opportunities for our company and provides solutions for our customers.  You can call this a win-win strategy.  We call it good business.  This principle is inherit in our motto:

Creating Solutions to Realize Your Vision".

We aren’t setting out to build a new operating system to change the world.  What we strive for is to provide useful, effective and realistic solutions to our clients by creating solid intuitive tools and utilities that make the jobs of IT and Business professionals easier and more enjoyable.  Each and every day, our team of software visionaries with more than 40 years of combined experience sets out to accomplish our end goal – to provide successful solutions to effectuate change for our customers.

But solutions aren’t of any value, if they are unaffordable.  Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a school system or a local print shop, you’ll find that the licensing structure for our software solutions will fit into most any budget.  We invite all prospective customers to compare our series of software solution products to all of our competitors, many of which cost far more than our solutions.

Following these basic principles GuruSquad, LLC intends to continue to grow and flourish while providing exceptional quality software by doing what we do best - solving problems.

GuruSquad is proud to go public with its long tested GS RichCopy 360 Folder Copying Suite. It is widely used in several fortune 500 companies in the United States. It has been viewed as the most robust copying software due to its unique pure multithreaded technology used where all the thread are evenly divided on all logical cores. Let alone its patent pending simple and intuitive design which makes it very simple yet powerful to use.

If you are looking for a command line tool that has been viewed as Robocopy's alternative, then look no further, GSCopyPro which is the first command line utility that has an open file agent which can copy files even if they are locked or open along with email alerts when the job is done. GSCopy has been called by many IT professionals as Robocopy on steroids for MS Windows both 32 and 64-bit systems.

Below is a feature overview comparison between GS RichCopy 360, GSCopyPro and Robocopy. The comparison table certainly shows the power of GuruSquad products over Robocopy.

Features GS RichCopy 360 GSCopyPro Robocopy Remarks
GUI or Command Line GUI Command & GUI Command Line Only  
Run as a Service Yes No No GS RichCopy 360 can copy files under system account as well
Long Path Name Support Yes No Yes to a certain extent  
Powerful Proprietary Scheduler Yes No No  
Connect to Source or Destination as Different User Yes No No  
Wizard Driven Yes No No  
Run Simultaneous Jobs at Once Yes No No  
Auto Update Feature Yes No No  
Copy Only Modified Files Yes Yes Yes  
Copy Open and Locked Files (Deltas) Yes Yes No  
Windows Interface Utility to Create Scripts (NEW!!) Yes Yes No A GUI utility that can create a scripts based on your selecitons
Copy NTFS Security (ACLs) Yes Yes Yes  
Multithreaded Yes No Yes but Different GS RichCopy 360 distributes workload evenly on all logical cores
Send Emails when Job is complete Yes Yes No Can use open SMTP servers or any other like Gmail...etc
Log Only Errors and Warnings Yes Yes No  
Easy to Use Yes Yes Can be Confusing  
Comes with Free Support Yes Yes No  
Include Directories Yes Yes No  
Exclude Directories Yes Yes Yes  
Include Files Yes Yes No  
Exclude Files Yes Yes Yes  
Exclude Directories with absolute Path Yes Yes No  
Email Log as an attachment when Job Completes Yes Yes No  
Do Not Follow Conjuntion Points Yes Yes (requires extra steps)  
Copy File Attributes All All Some  
Comes with Admin and Best Practices Guide Yes Yes No  
Attempt to Copy Files with CRC Errors Yes Yes No  

If you have any questions or in need of assistance please feel free to contact our sales at +1 (703) 868- 9252




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